Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for our services

1.   Acceptance of terms and conditions

 We at Https://pinkatravels.com shall like to thank you for using Https://pinkatravels.com. The below mentioned terms and conditions are meant to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities towards using all our services provided by Https://pinkatravels.com, website at https://pinkatravels.com / or android / iOS / progressive web applications (“apps”) (referred henceforth as “Https://pinkatravels.com”).

 These terms and conditions apply for all existing and future customers of Https://pinkatravels.com across its services. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

 By accessing or using our services on https://pinkatravels.com / or android / iOS / progressive web applications (“apps”), you are agreeing to legally binding terms and conditions with Https://pinkatravels.com.

 You are free to not use our services in case you disagree with our terms and conditions. Your use of Https://pinkatravels.com is at your own risk and by using our services, you are agreeing to the risk to be exposed to content that you may find disagreeable.

 1.1.    Our contact details and feedback channels

 All our customer service is provided through digital medium only and we do not either honor or monitor social media channels and other platforms for customer service, hence in case of any communication, you agree to call us at , clearly mentioning your concerns, incidents, issues or requests or through our Feedback section on website and apps.

 1.2.    Defining Https://pinkatravels.com Customers

 “Customers” or “you” or “your” as a customer of the Services. A customer is someone who accesses or uses the Https://pinkatravels.com Services for the purpose of sharing, displaying, hosting, publishing, transacting, or uploading information or views or pictures and includes other persons jointly participating in using the Https://pinkatravels.com Services. By direct usage of Https://pinkatravels.com service or indirect usage through an individual or business or organization acting on behalf of you, you are voluntarily agreeing to be legally binding to this contract and its terms and conditions.

 1.3.   Defining Bus Operators or Bus Service Providers or Merchants

 Bus operators or Bus Service providers or Merchants, referred henceforth as operators are entities owning or leasing, selling or operating bus inventory and its services on Https://pinkatravels.com.

 2.   Https://pinkatravels.com Services

    2.1.    Trademark & Copyright of Bus Inventory and Operator Names

 All the trademark, logo, copyright with relation to usage of either name of operators or the fleet they operate lies with Https://pinkatravels.com itself. In case of any misinformation is found by customers, the same can be informed for validation and correction through post or email or through our feedback channels mentioned on our platform.

   2.2.    Bus Booking Service

 Customers can avail following services to complete a “booking” or “paid transaction” to buy a bus ticket or tickets:

 Perform a search based on from or to cities (locations) to view all available inventories on Https://pinkatravels.com,

Sort or filter the inventory based on multiple attributes.

Check and select the desired bus and view the chart of the available seats

Enter the passenger details that can be either customer or customer assisted passengers

Enter his or her own details or create a login based on mobile number based authentication or OTP

Apply any discounts, coupons or prepaid cards, only if available and applicable

Choose the payment method available from arrays of payment method available to us through our payment gateway partners.

Get the final bus booking confirmation only after successfully completing the payment and confirmation from our payment gateway partners through digital channels in web, email or sms.

Https://pinkatravels.com shall not be held responsible for any non delivery of email or sms or failure at payment gateway pages. 

Though Https://pinkatravels.com takes utmost care with multiple fall back solutions to ensure these services are provided to all our customers to the best of our abilities, their 100% reliability can’t be assured at all the times.

Https://pinkatravels.com uses digital automation over SSL for all payments and related transactions to ensure the safety and security. Its SSL vendor can be found in its SSL certificate provider from the browser or in the footer of our website.

Https://pinkatravels.com also provides customer only wherever applicable to modify the itinerary post booking after payment of applicable charges

Customers can also cancel the booked bus inventory as per the cancellation policy displayed on Https://pinkatravels.com.

 2.3.    Cancellation & Refund Policy


Cancellation rules are displayed as per the bus at the seat chart page for its service for the particular journey date time at the time of booking and should be read carefully.


Any cancellation initiated by the customer shall be governed by the cancellation policy displayed at seat chart as mentioned in 2.3.1


Once the customer initiates the cancellation for either full or partial booking, Https://pinkatravels.com validates the cancellation policy and initiates a refund either in same mode of payment as was done at time of booking or in form of Https://pinkatravels.com coupon or prepaid card linked to mobile number used at time of booking at Https://pinkatravels.com.


Refund once issued from Https://pinkatravels.com goes through the same payment gateways as was used at time of booking and may take 5-10 working days depending on the banking channels.


In some cases, when payment is successful at customer’s end but payment gateway fails to electronically communicate back to Https://pinkatravels.com servers, we shall poll the payment gateway’s servers for next 72 hours to confirm the payment.   

In case we receive a successful payment confirmation from payment gateways, we shall try to attempt a successful booking and if the seat is still available we shall issue a successful ticket for the attempted booking. We shall communicate the same to customers through email or sms on email and mobile provided during the booking process.   

In case the payment either fails or no confirmation is received for next 72 hours, no booking shall be made. Customers can follow up with their banking partner for any refund. We shall provide all the information and assistance through our feedback contact channel as was mentioned above in 1.2   

In case we receive the successful payment confirmation after a delay but the seats are not available, we shall issue a “payment done booking failed (prepaid card) voucher”. This voucher can be applied for another booking immediately. In case customer is no longer interested in booking, customer has option to request a cancellation of issued voucher and full refund through our feedback channel mentioned in 1.2


In case we cancel our bus service, there is a full refund that gets automatically generated through the same payment channel from which the original booking payment was received. In some cases our customer service may reach out to customers to adjust them on another bus at customer’s own discretion either at partial refund post such service or extra payment for an alternate booking.


All insurance fees and charges are non refundable.


Any other charges mentioned at checkout pages as non refundable are too non refundable such as pickup/dropoff charges, porter services, etc.

 3.  Customer content


Customer information such as Mobile Number & Email or passenger names are used only for completing the bus booking on behalf of customers so as to enable a good user experience.


Such information may be shared with our partners and operators to enable a successful bus travel experience.


Customer agrees to usage and sharing of the provided information with our authorised partners and operators for the purpose of successful sale of bus tickets.


Https://pinkatravels.com may also use cookies and analytics to continuously improve its platform for better user experience.


Customer or You assume all risks associated with Your Content, including anyone’s reliance on its quality, accuracy, or reliability, or any disclosure by you of information in Your Content that makes you personally identifiable. While we reserve the right to remove Content, we do not control actions or Content posted by our Customers and do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any Content. You acknowledge and agree that Content posted by Customers and any and all liability arising from such Content is the sole responsibility of the Customer who posted the content, and not Https://pinkatravels.com and its affiliate partners and operators.

 4.   Https://pinkatravels.com Discounts

 Https://pinkatravels.com reserves the right to decide whether to give or not give various forms of discounts at any point of time as described below. Customers hold no right to demand for the same unless the voucher was issued as per stated above. Https://pinkatravels.com in cases of multiple applicability of discounts applies maximum discount applicable. All discounts are non refundable in nature and are adjusted to refund value at the time of cancellation.

   4.1.   Discount Codes

 Https://pinkatravels.com from time to time runs promotional discount codes or promo codes on its website and apps. The rules and eligibility of discount codes are often also described on our checkout page under the discount section. Https://pinkatravels.com reserves the right to deny some or all of the customers the discount.

 5.  Privacy Policy

 The company recognizes your right to privacy. When you visit our website or application, to provide you the right experience and service, we may collect following data:

 Your IP address,

Your contact information, such as email or mobile number,

Your booking and transaction history and preferences,

Data profile regarding your usage of our application

 We are collecting this data for several reasons, such as to understand your needs, improve our products and services, reach out to you with transactional and promotional messages to benefit you, contact you about our new product launches or any future incident or outage resolution.

 We are committed to secure your data and keep it confidential. We have done all in our knowledge and power to prevent data theft, unauthorized access, and disclosure by implementing the latest technologies and software that help us safeguard all information we collect online.

 We also use cookies on websites to perform the aforementioned experience and you agree by using our website and application to record the same. Please take note that cookies don’t allow us to take control of your computer in any way.

 We do not store your card details or banking or financial information which you may use to perform a financial transaction. When you choose to pay for a transaction or recharge your account, you may be directed to a payment gateway website, page or screen. Visiting these Payment gateway or bank pages, screens are not governed by this privacy policy. Make sure to ensure your privacy & safety by checking the privacy policy of these websites or screens in case of any suspicion or concern.

 We shall not lease, sell or distribute your personal information to any unauthorized entity, unless either we have your permission or law requires us to do so or there is change in business ownership at our end.

 Please take a note this policy clause may get updated in future as per the change in business environment and though we are fully committed to protect your personal data, you may have complete freedom to not use our application in case you decide to not share the same with us which is essential for performing some critical functions inside the module.

 6.  Right to change in this policy document

Https://pinkatravels.com reserves the right to change some or all of the above contents of terms and conditions from time to time and its sole responsibility of customers to keep themselves updated on our terms and conditions before and after every booking.